Author: Olivier Coussy
Type: eBook
Date Released: 2004
Format: pdf
Language: English
Page Count: 315
Isbn10 Code: 0470849207
Isbn13 Code: 9780470849200

Modelling and predicting the mechanical behaviour of fluid-infiltrated porous media is vital to geophysics, petroleum and civil engineering, as well as to newer disciplines such as biomechanics and agricultural engineering. This book, based on the successful Mechanics of Porous Continua, has been revised and updated to strengthen the basics of this emerging field of 'Poromechanics'. Serving as a self-contained guide, Poromechanics provides a unified approach to the fundamental concepts of continuum poromechanics and to the coupling of the deformation of porous continua with various physical processes. This book: Describes deformation and stress and the thermodynamics of fluid-infiltrated porous continua. Details the standard problems of saturated poroelasticity. Analyses unsaturated poroelastic media, the effects of capillary pressure and of the surface energy between components. Discusses non-line ar and inelastic behaviours. Deals with penetration fronts and surfaces of discontinuity. Addresses the mechanical behaviour of chemically active porous materials. Gives some insights on microporomechanics. Offers advanced analyses at the end of each chapter. Poromechanics will appeal to postgraduates students and researchers in disciplines as varied as biomechanics, geophysics, soil and rock mechanics, agricultural engineering and materials science in a broad sense. This book is also a valuable resource for advanced courses on poromechanics.

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